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Æterna Zentaris

About Æterna Zentaris:

Æterna Zentaris Inc. operates as a late-stage drug development company specialized in oncology and endocrinology. Its lead oncology compounds include perifosine, an orally active PI3K/Akt pathway inhibitor that is in Phase III registration trial for multiple myeloma; and AEZS-108, a doxorubicin-targeted conjugate in Phase II for the treatment of advanced ovarian and endometrial cancer. The company?s lead endocrinology compound, AEZS-130, is an oral ghrelin antagonist in Phase III trial as a diagnostic test for Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency. Its pipeline also includes earlier-stage compounds, such as AEZS-112 that is in a Phase I trial in advanced solid tumors and lymphoma, as well as AEZS-120, an anti-cancer vaccine in pre-clinical development. The company was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Quebec City, Canada. (Source: Yahoo Finance)

On the Market

Cetrotide® was the first luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) antagonist treatment approved for in vitro fertilization.

he Pipeline:

Ø Perifosine Phase 3 Multiple myeloma and colorectal cancer

Ø AEZS-108 Phase 2 Endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer

Ø AEZS-112 Phase 1 Solid tumors and lymphoma > Endocrinology:

Ø AEZS-130 Phase 3 Diagnostic test for Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency

Phase 1 Therapeutic agent in tumor induced cachexia

AEZS-120 Prostate cancer vaccine Phase 1

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