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Pharmacyclics, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company developing a patented new class of drugs intended to treat cancer and atherosclerosis. The pharmaceutical agents, known as texaphyrins, are synthetic small molecules designed to possess a variety of biological and chemical properties.

Texaphyrins are designed to selectively concentrate in diseased tissue such as tumor cells and atherosclerotic plaque inside blood vessels. Inside diseased cells, texaphyrins block crucial steps in cellular metabolism and disrupt bioenergetic processes.



Motexafin gadolinium --this is the company's lead anti-cancer product candidate, currently is in Phase 3 clinical trials. It has potentially broad applications in oncology and is designed to: selectively target cancer cells; and be detected by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) allowing visualization of the drug in tumors.

Motexafin lutetium -- Pharmacyclics is investigating the potential of texaphyrin treatment, including the combination of motexafin lutetium and interventional delivery of light-based therapy, to reduce or eliminate “vulnerable plaque,” the cause of serious cardiac events.




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