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Oxigene Therapeutics

About Oxigene

OXiGENE is an emerging pharmaceutical company developing novel small-molecule therapeutics to treat cancer and eye diseases. The Company’s major focus is the clinical advancement of drug candidates that selectively disrupt abnormal blood vessels associated with solid tumor progression and visual impairment. Oxigene's flagship compound is Combretastatin CA4 Prodrug


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Combretastatin CA4 -- Combretastatin represents a new class of therapeutic compounds known as vascular targeting agents. These agents may be useful in disease conditions or pathologies such as cancer, where an abnormal growth of blood vessels is an essential component to the disease and its progression. Combretastatin has shown the ability in both preclinical animal model and clinical trials to drastically reduce blood flow in tumors.


CA4P -- Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer; Imageable Tumors


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