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Indevus Pharmaceuticals

About Indevus Pharmaceuticals

Indevus acquires, develop and commercialize products for multiple theraputic areas, with a primary commitment to urology, gynecology and infectious diseases.

With the recent launch of their lead product, SANCTURA™ for overactive bladder, they have established a sales and marketing infrastructure. They believe this expansion positions them strongly as a partner of choice for companies and research institutions seeking a collaborator with the proven ability to accomplish the development and commercialization of a broad array of biopharmaceutical products in a timely and efficient manner.


Pieline for Indevus


SANCTURA -- Overactive Bladder -- Marketed

Pagoclone-- Anxiety and Stuttering

PRO2000-- HIV and STD Prevention

IP751 -- Pain and Inflammation

Aminocandin -- Fungal Infection

Sarafem -- Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder -- Marketed



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