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AVANT Immunotherapeutics

About Avant Immunotherapeutics:

AVANT Immunotherapeutics, Inc. is engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of products that harness the human immune system to prevent and treat disease. AVANT is developing a broad portfolio of vaccines and immunotherapeutics addressing a wide range of applications including bacterial and viral diseases, cardiovascular diseases, biodefense and food safety. These include single dose, oral vaccines that protect against important disease causing agents, a novel, proprietary vaccine candidate for cholesterol management, and an immunotherapeutic to improve patient outcomes after cardiac surgery. Their strategy is to demonstrate proof of concept for their products before leveraging their value through partnerships.

Pipeline Chart for Avant Immunotherapeutics


Phase II TP10 Cardiac Surgery
Phase II CETi-I Cholesterol Management
Phase II CholeraGarde Cholera
Phase IITy800 Typhoid Fever
Phase IInjectable Anthrax Anthrax
Phase ITheraporeHIV

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