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About Alexion:

Alexion is a new biopharmaceutical company committed to developing a novel class of anti-inflammatory compounds, known as complement inhibitors.Recent research provides new evidence that the Alexion's C5 inhibitors may be a novel class of potent therapeutics able to prevent inflammation without the general immunosuppression associated with current therapies.

Complement activation results in a unidirectional sequence of enzymatic and biochemical reactions known as the complement cascade. The end result produces a number of inflammatory byproducts, including injurious cytokines, inflammatory enzymes, and cell adhesion molecules. These by products can lead to the destruction of tissue seen in many inflammatory diseases.

Alexion has combined its expertise in immunobiology, clinical development, and human antibody engineering to enable the development of a large array of monoclonal antibody and other recombinant therapeutics targeting the treatment of a diverse collection of severe disease states, including cardiovascular and autoimmune disorders, inflammation and cancer.



Phase IIIPexelizumabCardiopulmonary Bypass
Phase IIIPexelizumab Acute Myocardial Infarction
Phase IIEculizumabRheumatoid Arthritis
Phase IIEculizumab Nephritis
Phase IEculizumab Dermatomyositis
Phase IEculizumabParoxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglinuria


NIH Trials for Pexelizumab (Coronary Heart Disease) Phase III

NIH Trials for Pexelizumab (Myocardial Infarction) Phase III



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